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eBay often briefs third-party companies, such as Auctiva, on their upcoming changes and plans. Last week, on April 14, Stephanie Tilenius, Senior Vice President & General Manager, eBay North America, announced changes that take effect on June 15, 2009. These changes are significant and we want to take a moment to share our 'take' on this announcement with you.
eBayは弊社などの第三機関の会社に簡単にeBayの近い将来やってくる変更と計画について知らされました。先週、4月14日、eBay北アメリカ地区シニア副社長兼ゼネラルマネージャーのStephanie Tileniusが2009年6月15日から始まる変更について発表しました。これらの変更は重要であり、弊社はあなたにこのことを共有すると共に当社がのこの変更に対しての「プラン」をお話させて頂こうと思っています。

1. Return and Handling Time policies - Beginning June 15, eBay will be enforcing both of these policies. Auctiva currently supports both of these policies and has for some time. Auctiva also makes adding a return policy to your saved listings fast and easy.

2. Product Variations - A significant new feature planned for June is product variations. This new feature will give the seller the ability to list products with variations in color and/or size in a single Fixed Price auction. eBay's initial release on June 15 will only apply to Men's and Women's Shoes. Future releases will include more categories. We are currently in development to support this feature, and we forecast its release on Auctiva sometime later this year.


3. Custom Item Specifics - eBay's June release will also add more categories that offer custom item specifics to offer more options when the default choices are not adequate. Auctiva supports this feature and continuously updates our category support to be in sync with eBay.


In addition to Stephanie's announcements, Dinesh Lathi, eBay's VP Seller Experience, released information on their General Announcement page. Dinesh wrote about certain off-eBay blogs recently reporting that eBay would do away with third-party checkout. He wrote that this was, in his words, 'not the case.' However, as of June 15, eBay will change their user interface requirements for third-party checkout. As a result, only those solutions approved by eBay will be allowed to offer checkout services. Auctiva is approved and was mentioned specifically in Dinesh's announcement as a provider of third-party checkout services.

ステファニーの発表に加え、eBayの副社長セラーエクスペリエンスであるDinesh Lathiは一般宣伝ページに情報を公開しました。DineshはeBayのものでない特定のブログで最近eBayに報告されたもののなかで、eBayが第三機関の決済システムから離れるということについての記事について書いています。かれはこれについて彼の言葉で「事実ではない」と書いています。しかしながら、6月15日にて、eBayは第三機関のチェックアウトシステムとのユーザーインターフェイス条件を変更します。結果として、eBayによって認可されたチェックアウトサービスのみが利用可能になります。オークティバは認可されており、Dineshの発表に弊社が第三機関決済サービスであることを書いています。

Auctiva will continue to provide checkout services as an option for our customers as long as it remains feasible. This function offers flexibility to our customers, adding options such as the Authorize.net payment gateway, something not available within eBay's own checkout.


In conclusion, our goal is to make our auction management system the best third- party solution available to eBay sellers. To accomplish this, we must keep our product in-synch with eBay as they introduce changes. We strive to do this as quickly and with as little disruption as possible.



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